There is no “caught in time”: A current-day story of how doubt and denial harmed  a young Catholic’s journey to healing and forgiveness

My story begins the way so many of these do. The key difference? My story begins in 2011, not 1980. Not pre-Boston Globe, not pre-Protecting God’s Children. I hope my story might shed light on what happens when guidelines aren’t followed. If people had paid attention, this could have been stopped sooner. My case is … Read more

Revictimizing the Victims

COMMENTARY: Bishops and dioceses must answer the phone calls of victims, meet with them, hear their stories and empathize with them. That is not too much to ask.

by Janet E. Smith

Victims of sexual abuse by clergy frequently have told me that the way they were treated by bishops has hurt them more than the abuse did.

Virtually every bishop has made the announcement that he is dedicated to helping victims who have been sexually abused by priests and that he has put considerable resources toward that effort. Unfortunately, from what I have heard from too many victims, some bishops are quite adept at virtue-signaling and at making empty promises.

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The Paciorek Brothers Were Preyed on by Fr. Gerald Shirilla, Detroit Covered-Up Abuse

Father Gerald Shirilla, perhaps Detroit’s most notorious pederast priest, who abused multiple boys and young men, molested the Paciorek brothers in the 1970s. Chancery staff who covered up Shirilla’s abuse in the 1990s — including Sacred Heart Major Seminary professor Msgr. John Zenz and archdiocesan Director of Public Affairs Ned McGrath — remain in power in the Detroit archdiocese to this … Read more

Dr. Gregory Hamilton

My story is one of the worst I have ever heard. I know of a number of families where each of the siblings was in turn horribly abused, but as far as an individual is concerned, mine is one of the worst. Of course they are all horrible. The day that we are no longer … Read more

Five Siblings Abused

While this tragic story began over 65 years ago and was first reported to the Archdiocese of Detroit in 1995, it didn’t come completely to the surface until August of 2018, after the clergy sex abuse crisis in Pennsylvania hit the news media. The revelation of those cases along with Cardinal McCarrick’s abuse of seminarians … Read more